Frequently Asked Questions

Our Purpose

Choosetime aims to give you more time in life by helping you with everyday boring tasks

What does Choosetime do?

Choosetime lets you check when your Car Tax and MOT are due for renewal and then reminds you when it gets close to renewal by email

Does Choosetime charge anything?

No, this is a free service

Can I check multiple cars?

Yes, just click back on the home page and search for another car

Can I get reminded by Text?

We're working to expand to provide this option

What happens if my car is doesn't have valid Tax or MOT when I look it up?

We'll show you when if either your Car Tax or MOT are out of date. If your Car Tax is out of date the first thing to do before driving further is to pay your car Tax on DVLA's website. If your MOT is out of date you need to arrange a test at an approved garage, you are permitted by law to drive your car to an MOT Test centre without a valid MOT.

I've just paid for renewal but it's showing as 'expired'

If you've just renewed your Car Tax/MOT it can take a day or two to be updated in the database. Best thing to do is check again in a few days.